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The best-selling game console on the market

2015 Star Lei hot hot new game, won many friends of the pro-Lai.



Money the fastest game

Long Shun game to make money index reached 88%, is your best choice!



The best quality of game

Xing Lei game strictly in the production process, and strive to the best products presented to you.

Most professional game manufacturers——Long Shun Technology

Long Shun Technology covers an area of 20,000 square meters, the introduction of high-tech production equipment from abroad, have been composed by two authoritative video game developed by Dr. R & D team of 15 people. All kinds of game manufacturers, homegrown variety, quality and price assurance, good after sales.

Years of experience, more than 3,000 customers witness

Long Shun technology since its inception, to every customer as our only customer, constantly sum up and upgrade, the majority of video game user acceptance.

Look for our service hotline: 13826401238(Tang director)

Excellent venue co-operators

Long Shun Technology is located in the heart of the international metropolis of Guangzhou Panyu, site co-operation is the best selling game console your cooperation!

Long Shun game products sold worldwide

Good product defying distance, Long Shun advantage of quality and cheap game consoles attracted wide user's favorite, to form a good network of social circle, is now sold worldwide.




Guangzhou Long Shun anime trading co., LTD. was established in 2005, is located in China's largest production base in Guangzhou Panyu game, it covers an area of over 2000 square meters. The company's flagship product for the (analog entertainment machine, children's machine, lottery machine)

In adhering to the "technological innovation, continuous improvement and good faith," the purpose of "innovation and retain customers, service to create a perfect" business philosophy. After several years of development efforts, star Lei is moving toward success...
National Hotline:138-2640-1238





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